New To Okinawa? Hey Lets Get Together And Enjoy 

We are the only social network in Okinawa currently today. If you are new to Okinawa and want to meet new friends etc then pop on in. If your simply looking for something new to do come along and get involved and see whats going on in Okinawa with our Expat Community Network.

Meet People In Okinawa

What’s Going On In Okinawa? Joining Our Social Network Opens The Door To Okinawa?

Explore our social network today and meet people in Okinawa wanting to share similar experiences such as hiking, boating, fishing, eating out, nightlife, scuba experience, travel, local food, snorkelling, sport, shopping, barbeques, get-togethers, buying and selling, and whatever else tickles your fancy. 

Get involved and start your own forum or experience. Found a good restaurant or bar, post it here. 

Get Sharing Today With Others In Oki

We have a great activity wall designed just for you. Its not Facebook and its far easier to use plus its unique to us expat gaijin-san here in Okinawa. Post your current activity and so much more on our members activity newsfeed wall.

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Current happenings and events going on in Okinawa

Explore Events, Parties, Hikes, Get Togethers, Festivals, Flea Markets, Or?

Okinawa is your oyster so post your events or something interesting on the events page. Its a chance for your audience to grow and also meet others around our great Island.

Are You Military Meet Others Outside Of Camp

Camp life is fun and there is great comradery but there’s also a life outside and great people to meet from all walks of life. Expand your life in Okinawa by meeting Expats. Check out the activity wall and events to see what’s going on around Okinawa.

Expat communities in Okinawa
Okinawa For Sale

Sell and Buy Items Direct Using  Okinawa Expats Shop!

Many of us arrive in Okinawa with either too many items for the house etc or not enough. Using our shop page is an easy way to either pick up some treats or sell something thats sitting in the corner.

Start selling easily here today.


Voices From Around Okinawa

A small selection of victims we asked to share their experiences on our all new Expats Network

Amazing Community

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Mathilda Brinker
Los Angeles, CA

I made it here this far and love it

This site was developed by us independantly as there was simply nothing else available for us expats. Best of all its free.

Sesoko Island

Incredible Design!

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Nicholas Grissom
San Francisco, CA

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